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Please tell me why do we worry? ~WHY?~ Why do we worry at all?
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Greetings traveler...


Why hello there. My name is Victoria, but here on Xanje, I usually go by Daydreams :) I'm a 15-year-old who loves creating stories though they tend to stay inside my head. I prefer writing a story to roleplaying, probably because I have control over it and the characters, but I do roleplay sometimes

I got one of my real-life friends to join Xanje, her name is emmatk3, she loves writing and roleplaying and anime, especially nekos.
Also my younger sister is angelina

Fandoms I'm apart of:
~Warrior Cats
~Harry Potter
~Percy Jackson
~Probably more I can't think of right now

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Color: Blue, usually a greyish-blue

Xanje Pet(s): DUSK BUTTERFLY DRAGONS (I love the first stage), Flaresus, and cabbits (love the second stage)

TV Show: I love Ninjago, but Spongebob I'm been watching forever and the old episodes still make me laugh every time

Book Series: I've read many good books and series, but I'll especially always love Warrior Cats (One of my favorite characters is the little grumpy Jayfeather or, as Lzrd Wzrd calls him, "Jay-Bae") I also like this book called the Unwanteds.

Youtubers: PopularMMOs and Stampy were the first 2 youtubers I started watching on Youtube and I still watch them all the time with my sister, but they're not the only ones. I've watched Grian and his friends, Vet Ranch, sometimes iHasCupquake, the Odd1sOut, SuperCarlinBrothers, Seri! Pixel Biologist, Draegast, and I used to watch Julian2 until he recently left :/

Found him randomly and when I saw his black fur,
 my brain thought Dark Knight for no reason. I was
wondering if I should name him that - then I saw his personality.
Yep, he's Batman.

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By aly

Name: Lilian
Gender: Female
Original Owner: ~victoria
Born: 7/13/2017

By xXcalmbeforestormXx

Mila, an Elvi by sparkblaze
Gender: Female
Main Colour: 0900ff
Underbelly Colour: 75472f
Wing Colour: 91c271
Eye Colour: 7f3f8f
Marking: N/A
Marking Colour(s): N/A

, an Elvi by sparkblaze
Gender: Male
Main Colour: 008535
Underbelly Colour: db41aa
Wing Colour: ff3838
Eye Colour: ffb700
Marking: N/A
Marking Colour(s): N/A

A kittikeet by togre
Base: #BFD9FF
Eye: #B8CFD6
Beak: #FFDE5C
Cere: #FF6181
Toe Beans: #FF6181
Mascara: #FF6181
Wingtops: #21426E
Wingbottoms: #3B9FEB

A kittikeet by togre
Base: #122459
Eye: #751313
Beak: #FFA200
Underbelly: #BABABA
Wingtops: #BABABA
Wingbottoms: #ffA200
Cere: #FFA200
Mascara: #FFA200
Tail: #751313
Fluffies: #FFA200

A mysten by sparkblaze

A bunary by Owlet ( hedgian)

Baubles by ohayoukitsune

Batoptables by prince_finfin

Wovenflow Glade by terris

Cu’Gloines by absent

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 Uncommon   Volcan French Bulldog
 Uncommon   Inferno Tanuki
 Uncommon   Molten Niash
 Rare   Blazing Palace Cat
 Very Rare   Flaming Ferret

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Evil >:D
Cheesy :D
Say it's not so >_<
Angry >:(
Laugh xD
Smile :)
Wink ;)
Grin ;D
Sad :(
Shocked :o
Cool 8)
Tongue :P
Huh? o.o
Embarrassed :-[
Lips are Sealed :-X
Kiss :-*
Cry :'(
Undecided :-\
Delighted ^-^

to be pure is to be ~ free ~

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