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hit me

for those of you who may not know me, my name is altai and i've been roleplaying since around 2012. i started on warriorcatsrpg, or what is now known as feralfront, under the name mackinac. i am also on bearbones also under the name windfall.

fun facts
- i'm a high school senior
- my birthday is october twenty eighth
- i'm at the ripe age of seventeen
- i am a graysexual grayromantic
- i mostly rp realistic human or anime
- i don't do 1x1 rps
- i watch anime so come scream w me
- some of my hobbies are coding & photography
- i'm a night owl
- my favorite music genres are edm & alternative
- i'm still figuring out the whole gender thing
- i'm going to be a librarian out of uni
- i hate roller coasters
- i join too many threads to handle sorry guys
- my lines/edges have to be neat and even
- it bothers me if they aren't ^
- i tend to chaotically stress clean
- i love jay, han, tala, centi, and taeya <3

- message me for my snapchat and twitter
- my instagram is in my signature
- you can reach my discord at altai#7566
- my roblox username is h0nkyd0nk
- you can always message me on xanje