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✨Jezebel✨'s Flitlet

Pet ID 9825596 Active
Species Flitlet
Type Pumpkin Vine
Born 4 months ago
Sex Male Generation 1
Personality Conservative
Level 4 Final Form
To Next Lvl 0 XP Total XP 187
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Flitlet Info
4 Visits
Encyclopedia entry: This Flitlet may be small, but it belongs to a large family of creatures who range far and wide over all of Xanje's known worlds. Flitlets range in size from as small as a bumblebee, to a little larger than a hamster. Their wings flap many times per second, and most of them have the ability to hover in place. This lets them feed on their primary source of sustenance, the nectar and pollen of flowers, for which their limbs have evolved to specialise in being able to collect. Some Flitlets are solitary, whilst others live in enormous colonies of hundreds of thousands of individuals. They live in enclosed burrow-like nests that they construct themselves out of whatever materials may be available. These nests may be communal or solitary, and are usually constructed in trees, between rocks, or under the eaves of buildings.

The Pumpkin Vine Flitlet is commonly seen flying low over pumpkin patches and other similar places. During the spring and summer months, it collects large amounts of nectar from the flowers of these plants. Later on when the gourds have grown, it collects their seeds, both to eat right then and store for the winter months.