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ServampKuro's Fierce Kikirra

Pet ID 9825592 Active
Owner ServampKuro
Species Kikirra
Type Fierce
Born 1 week ago
Sex Male Generation 1
Personality Dreamer
Level 1 Grows At Lvl 2
To Next Lvl 1 XP Total XP 9
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Kikirra Info
1 Visits
Encyclopedia entry: This newborn Kikirra is only just starting to grow its first coat. At this age it is growing very quickly. Kikirras are native to the world of Peterra and it is believed their ancestors came from Earth.

Fierce Kikirra are named for their aggressive temperament, which evolved in a harsh desert environment where food and especially water are hard to come by. These Kikirras are able to be kept together as juveniles, but when they become adults they usually need to be separated or given a large area to live in. If they are forced to live too near each other, they will usually fight until one kills the other.