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Quest Reward

Pet ID 9825545 Active
Owner Crabcat
Species Fox
Type Nashoki
Born 4 months ago
Sex Female Generation 1
Personality Loving
Level 7 Final Form
To Next Lvl 0 XP Total XP 286
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Fox Info
5 Visits
Encyclopedia entry: This tree fox is a small, intelligent, quick-moving canine. It includes species found on all four of Xanje's known worlds, but originated on the world of Peterra, where the common tree fox is found. This fox is quick and agile on the ground and can also climb trees, and often nests in tree hollows, leading to these animals being given their name of tree fox. It mainly hunts small mammals, insects, birds and other small animals. Though most species are solitary or live in pairs, some are known to live in packs. Despite their being found in almost every region, they are rarely seen or heard by humans, preferring to stay hidden for safety.

The Nashoki Fox is a native species of the Land of Nashok, a region on the world of Indulain. This fox's random-styled pattern reflects the chaotic yet generally benign nature of the land it lives in. It is also known to possess some minor magical abilities that express themselves in random results.