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.★.Baby.Angelz79.★.'s Rainbow Hound

Pet ID 9347361 Active
Species Hound
Type Rainbow
Born 4 months ago
Sex Female Generation 1
Personality Perfectionist
Level 5 Final Form
To Next Lvl 0 XP Total XP 210
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Hound Info
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Encyclopedia entry: This rainbow hound is a bright, colourful dog that makes a strong pack member or a devoted pet to its human owner. Rainbow hounds live on Indulain and are opportunistic hunters, eating any animal they can catch and kill. They may catch smaller prey on their own, or larger prey as packs. When prey is in short supply they resort to eating fruits, nuts, and seeds. They live in huge packs of about 50 individuals, with no clear-cut leader although males are on average a bit larger than females and are usually more dominant. The entire pack works together to hunt, with the strongest members eating first.

The entire pack also assists in raising pups, taking turns in all the duties required. Which pups belong to which female is largely irrelevant but a female can always tell which pups are hers by their scent and may pay a bit more attention to them than the others.

Pups live in the pack they were born into until they reach sexual maturity, then leave to find their own pack. Often they choose different packs than their siblings and most packs have nearly no direct family in them. They are monogamous for the most part, but sometimes young females will have several litters by different males while she works out who she wants her mate to be.

Rainbow hounds take readily to domestication if captured young, and make sweet and loyal pets. Unlike regular dogs, Rainbow Hounds have a normal lifespan of about 100 years and often outlive their owners.