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Pet ID 8923131 Active
Species Chuffle
Type Ornate
Born 1 week ago
Sex Male Generation 1
Personality Berserker
Level 4 Final Form
To Next Lvl 12 XP Total XP 55
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Chuffle Info
41 Visits
Encyclopedia entry: The Chuffle is a small feline-like predator that tends to live in cold, mountainous forest regions. Its woolly tail grows larger and more luxuriant as it grows up, and it can use this tail to keep itself warm even in the coldest weather. Despite looking heavy and hard to hold up, the wool is in fact lightweight and rain repellent as well as being more insulating against the cold than any other type of natural fiber known, and it is sought after by humans for weaving into clothing.

Chuffles grow long canines that they use to kill their prey in one swift, effective bite. This allows them to kill prey as large as and sometimes larger than themselves. These canine teeth do not reach their full size until the chuffle is fully grown.

Ornate Chuffles are named for the extremely detailed patterning of their fur. This allows them to camouflage more easily in their tropical forest homes, where their coats blend in with the many large leaves around.