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Ice Peanut

Pet ID 8838098 Active
Owner YodaCat
Species Nutling
Type Blizzard
Born 7 months ago
Sex Male Generation 2
Personality Tolerant
Level 11 Final Form
To Next Lvl 0 XP Total XP 374
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Nutling Info
21 Visits
Encyclopedia entry: This Nutling is an adult, but is less than a foot tall. It is a small, quick, agile creature. Nutlings are social beings that live in the shade of forests, often making homes inside hollow trees, in burrows, among rocks, or under tree roots. They hide their dwellings very well, but still live in large colonies where they are very cooperative. They band together to take down prey larger than themselves although they will also eat smaller prey, as well as plants. They will frequently have parties and other festive gatherings when the weather is good. However, different colonies of Nutlings will often be at war with each other. Sometimes these wars become extremely vicious and on occasion one Nutling colony will totally exterminate another one, through a succession of attacks that slowly whittle down the weaker group.

The Blizzard Nutling is found in the boreal forests of certain continents on northern Missoulou. This Nutling toughs it out in the cold weather, working together in colonies of thousands of individuals to gather enough food for winter during the short summers. When it gets very cold, they retreat to huge underground shelters made of tunnels and rooms dug beneath the permafrost.


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