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mdom's Geolantern Chevera

This pet was conjured by firestone to protect Laurelia from an eruption of Mt. Lakitoa.
Pet ID 8666301 Active
Owner mdom
Species Chevera
Type Geolantern
Born 2 months ago
Sex Male Generation 1
Personality Cynical
Level 5 Grows At Lvl 9
To Next Lvl 1 XP Total XP 95
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Chevera Info
13 Visits
Encyclopedia entry: This adolescent Chevera has learnt to fly, and is becoming a skilled hunter. It is just about ready to leave its parents' nest, find a mate, and start its own family. Chevera grow very powerful and spend long hours soaring in search of prey. They will hunt both small and large prey.

It is said that Cheveras have a strong life energy, and have powers that are derived partly from another realm of existence. As they grow, they gain the ability to project illusions, as well as other powers that are still a mystery.

The Geolantern Chevera's coat often glimmers with a firelike glow. This is an illusion created by its unique texture reflecting light, but these Chevera do have fire elemental abilities, including the ability to thrive in ruthless heat. This Chevera has evolved over time to live in its homeland, the Colothian island of Laurelia.