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Mt. Lakitoa Event

This pet was conjured by firestone to protect Laurelia from an eruption of Mt. Lakitoa.
Pet ID 8629596 Active
Owner Acheron
Species Toad Dragon
Type Fire-Bellied
Born 7 months ago
Sex Male Generation 1
Personality Finicky
Level 21 Final Form
To Next Lvl 0 XP Total XP 1,436

Species not yet battle enabled.
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Toad Dragon Info
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Encyclopedia entry: This toad dragon is one of the most commonly found dragons on Xanje's known worlds. Toad dragons are small as dragons go; as adults, they vary from the size of a guinea pig to the size of a medium-sized dog. These small dragons can fly, but usually only for short bursts of flight used to get out of harm's way. They live in underground burrows and eat anything, from insects and small prey to plants, fruits and seeds.

Toad dragons are stout, heavily built dragons with good physical strength but not much speed or agility. They have two main defences--their ability to breathe small amounts of fire, as well as a toxin stored inside the warts on their heads and bodies. These warts are tough and difficult to puncture, but if an animal bites into the warts, the poison is released into their mouth, where it can cause swelling, paralysis and if too much is consumed, death. This toxin has long been known to also have medicinal properties, and is used in many kinds of potions and elixirs. Scientists are still discovering new properties of toad dragon wart toxins.

The fire-bellied toad dragon is native to Laurelia, a large island on Colothys. This island is often fiercely volcanically active. The native animals have evolved in response to this and this toad dragon is no exception. Its strong resistance to heat allows it to make nests in the hardened lava rock all along the slopes of volcanoes, and sometimes even inside of them.