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Baby Pet

Pet ID 7636987 Active
Species Minmerra
Type Totem
Born 5 months ago
Sex Female Generation 13
Personality Awkward
Level 7 Final Form
To Next Lvl 0 XP Total XP 329
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Minmerra Info
9 Visits
Encyclopedia entry: This mouselike creature is known as a Minmerra. This small rodent reaches adulthood quickly and can breed within only a few months. They never grow much larger than an Earthian mouse or vole, depending on the species. Minmerra are believed to be native to Peterra, but various species and subspecies of them are found on all of the known worlds of Xanje. Minmerra primarily eat seeds and occasionally insects, and frequently make their homes hidden away in small, dark places such as inside walls.

Totem Minmerras are one of these unique species found only in and around the Lake Phargas area. These little mouselike creatures make their homes in small burrows, where they build underground nests for themselves and their families.  Their markings may give them an evolutionary advantage because they sometimes create the impression of a larger, scarier, more dangerous looking face. This helps them avoid predators, who may become startled by the sight of them.


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Siblings 2

Pet 7636988 Pet 7636989