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vaguity's Desert Scalamander

Pet ID 7336947 Active
Owner vaguity
Species Scalamander
Type Desert
Born 8 months ago
Sex Female Generation 1
Personality Sweet
Level 4 Final Form
To Next Lvl 0 XP Total XP 302
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Scalamander Info
55 Visits
Encyclopedia entry: This adult Scalamander is barely over 6 inches long, but it is exceedingly quick and adaptable. It can dash very quickly, as well as climb almost anything, even upside down, due to its ability to secrete a sticky surface on the pads of its feet. It feeds primarily on insects, and it suns itself on rocks in the morning to heat its body up for the day's activities. It makes a wonderful pet if properly cared for and breeds readily in captivity. Multiple Scalamanders can be kept safely together and get along reasonably well as long as there is enough food for them all.

Every Scalamander has a unique colour pattern. It is believed that their bright colours help them attract a mate. They also provide a warning for predators, for the Scalamander has a venomous bite that it will use to defend itself. The venom does not kill, but can quickly and temporarily make a victim go to sleep. This venom has actually been discovered to be useful in medicine as a natural anaesthetic.

The Desert Scalamander inhabits the dry inner regions of Colothys's main continent. This lizard hides in its burrow during the day to avoid the harsh heat of the sun, and comes out to forage at dawn and dusk.