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Katsudon's Whammy

Pet ID 6889523 Active
Owner Katsudon
Species Whammy
Type Bandit-Masked
Born 9 months ago
Sex Male Generation 1
Personality Vain
Level 1 Grows At Lvl 8
To Next Lvl 0 XP Total XP 286
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Whammy Info
8 Visits
Encyclopedia entry: This baby Whammy needs a lot of love and care. It is highly intelligent and makes a sweet pet while young, but whammies can become difficult to deal with as they grow. They love to steal things and have a penchant for anything shiny, especially coins and jewellery. Their mysterious powers develop over time.

In the wild, a baby whammy is cared for closely by its mother and the rest of its tribe. A male whammy will live with its mother for most or all of its life.

The bandit-masked whammy is named after its distinctive face markings. It is a small whammy, standing around 4 feet tall at maturity, and it lives in the forests of southwestern Missoulou, where it eats fruit, nuts, seeds and small prey, including fish. It is also one of the worst hoarders of shiny items. Researchers have observed males using their collections of shiny things to impress females.

Bandit-masked whammies have been kept as pets as well as used in research labs. Neither use of these creatures has turned out very well as they are not easily kept captive. They are ingenious escape artists and can almost never be contained for long, despite appearing to lack the ability to teleport like some whammy species can. When they escape, they will also likely escape with some of your small valuables as they will make a hobby of figuring out where those are stored by humans.