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[G2] Citrus Berry

Pet ID 5861668 Active
Owner DawnQuest101
Species Spriggett
Type Silk
Born 5 months ago
Sex Female Generation 2
Personality Witty
Level 14 Final Form
To Next Lvl 0 XP Total XP 673
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Spriggett Info
15 Visits
Message from the owner: Red Velvet x Kreldon
Encyclopedia entry: The Silk Spriggett is a mysterious creature that, like most Spriggetts, is rarely seen by humans. This Spriggett is known to have a close relationship with another species, the Cherry Firedrake. It is said that individual Spriggetts link their minds with a chosen dragon of this kind, and become mentally bonded for life.  The two species are believed to use their given powers to protect and help each other. When a Silk Spriggett is seen, it is often while riding the Cherry Drake that it is bonded to.

Parents (Generation 2)

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