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Katsudon's Whammy

Pet ID 5786356 Active
Owner Katsudon
Species Whammy
Type Black Forest Ink
Born 10 months ago
Sex Male Generation 1
Personality Generous
Level 2 Grows At Lvl 6
To Next Lvl 0 XP Total XP 320
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Whammy Info
4 Visits
Encyclopedia entry: This Black Forest Ink whammy spends almost as much time in trees as it does on the ground. It is a small whammy, only slightly bigger than a house cat. It lives on fruits, nuts, tubers, insects and small animals or fish. It also frequently scavenges off kills made by bigger animals and often will try and steal food from other species. Like most other whammies, Black Forest Ink whammies are very social. They live in tribes of between 30 and 60 individuals.

The Black Forest Ink whammy belongs to a newly discovered group of whammies that are believed to be among the most primitive members of this intriguing family of animals. As such, they reveal new information about how these creatures may have evolved. Although these whammies have little power in probability compared to most other whammies, they can create rudimentary hexes by performing energetic jumps or smacking one hand into one fist, which seems to help their minds produce the brief spark of power they need to cause a random, momentary effect on an attacker or other nearby target. The attack is frequently ineffective or even produces nothing, but in a whole group of whammies attacking at once, at least one of them is likely to produce a spell that deters the attacker. This might be the origin of whammy tribes, although it's believed they were already living in groups before they developed this power.

Black Forest Whammies get their name from the region they live in, which is South Peterra's Black Forest.