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Cyrinus's Leopard Tanuki

Pet ID 5542872 Active
Owner Cyrinus
Species Tanuki
Type Leopard
Born 4 months ago
Sex Female
Personality Affectionate
Generation 1
Level 6 Final Form
To Next Lvl 0 XP Total XP 130
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Tanuki Info
3 Visits
Encyclopedia entry: This Tanuki, like all tanuki species on the Xanje worlds, is believed to be a descendent of those found on Earth.  It is also known as a raccoon dog, and although it can superficially resemble a raccoon, it is in fact a true member of the canine family.  It lives in pairs or small packs, and in colder regions it hibernates during winter.

Leopard Tanukis are a Peterran species found in the Western South Peterran jungles. This Tanuki is a social animal that uses its bright colours to show its status in the group as well as attract a mate. It is a close relative of the Rainbow Tanuki, but these two species rarely or never encounter each other in the wild since the rainbow Tanuki lives far east of the leopard Tanuki. In spite of this, indivduals have been found in the region between these two ranges, that appear to be a blend or hybrid of the two species. It is debated whether this constitutes a third species or if the two species are on a continuum.