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WHAMMY's Dragonella

Pet ID 5503307 Active
Owner WHAMMYAdministrator
Species Dragonella
Type Cauldron Born
Born 8 months ago
Sex Male Generation 1
Personality Awkward
Level 1 Grows At Lvl 7
To Next Lvl 0 XP Total XP 747
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Dragonella Info
500 Visits
Encyclopedia entry: Dragonellas are the smallest known members of the dragon family. These little creatures come in many species and typically have a wingspan anywhere from one to 6 feet, depending on which species they belong to. They are also known as three-toed dragons, and are also the only known dragons that can perch like birds. They frequently live in trees and make nests in tree hollows. They survive on fruit, nuts, small animals, fish, and insects, and this diet also varies by species. Some species of dragonella live in solitary mated pairs while others live in groups or clans.

Dragonellas are capable of breathing fire like firedrakes, although they are not true members of that group. They also often have magical abilities, which vary wildly depending on the species.

The Cauldron Born Dragonella is a curious species. It has known supernatural abilities that relate to being able to control spirits. It is also most active during the day and seems like a bright and cheerful little animal.  Cauldron Born Dragonella are said to descend from dragonellas that were altered permanently by some powerful entity aeons ago.