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Dragnia's Whammy

Pet ID 5125682 Active
Owner Dragnia
Species Whammy
Type North Peterran Neko
Born 4 months ago
Sex Male
Personality Ambitious
Generation 2
Level 7 Final Form
To Next Lvl 0 XP Total XP 287
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Whammy Info
Quests (1)
139 Visits
Encyclopedia entry: This neko whammy is a growing child of its species, and is already agile and able to get into just about anything. Though they make adorable pets as babies, as they grow they can become difficult to keep as pets.

In the wild, a baby whammy is cared for closely by its mother and the rest of its tribe. A whammy learns survival and other skills from its elders as he grows up. The members of the tribe depend heavily on each other to survive.

North Peterran Neko whammies are called so after their somewhat cat-like traits, such as a longer tail than most whammies, and quiet, stealthy behavour. They are native to the northern continent of Peterra, and live in tribes averaging 15 to 25 individuals, and inhabit deep forests, where they are found in trees as often as on the ground. They are slender, and males do not grow a mane. Males grow to an average height of about 4 feet tall; females are slightly shorter. They are shy creatures, and unlike most whammies they are rarely heard from a distance. They tend to catch their prey by trapping it or ambushing it, as opposed to actively running it down. They will also eat seeds and fruits.

Neko whammies' genetic heritage is still under debate. Originally believed to be lesser whammies, they were reclassed as meso-whammies, and now are believed to belong to an entirely different family that is unknown.

Parents (Generation 2)

4459707 1108091


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