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Chichi's Snowflake Cashmerra

ID 4650050 Active Yes
Owner Chichi
Type Snowflake Cashmerra
Sex Personality Cynical
Born 2 months ago
Level 1  Total XP 72
To Next Lvl 0 XP Grows At Lvl 3
HP 12 Attack 5 Defense 5 Speed 6 Special 6
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Cashmerra Info
3 Visits
Encyclopedia entry: The Cashmerra is a small creature, generally between the size of a hamster and a guinea pig. This common Cashmerra is about as big as a small rat. It has many predators, so it must keep alert whenever it ventures out of its burrow. Its burrow has several hidden entrances and exits so that it can make a quick escape much more easily. When it is inside its burrow, other tight spaces, or in very cold surroundings, it rolls its long narrow ears tightly up so they don't get in the way or get injured.

Cashmerras are prized by humans for the soft, thick ruff of fur around their necks, which is super luxuriant and very insulating. In the wild, this protects these small rodents from cold weather and also may help them attract a mate.

Snowy Cashmerra are commonly found in the colder regions of Peterra. They survive by blending in with their snowy surroundings, and by caching food away to live on during the winter. These Cashmerra live in small family groups and will huddle together underground during cold spells to keep warm.