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witchful nazzo.'s Malevolent Flaresu

ID 4650047 Active Yes
Type Malevolent Flaresu
Sex Personality Sweet
Born 2 months ago
Level 4  Total XP 73
To Next Lvl 0 XP Grows At Lvl 5
HP 19 Attack 10 Defense 9 Speed 11 Special 9
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Flaresu Info
4 Visits
Encyclopedia entry: This young Flaresu is learning to hunt and forage for itself as well as beginning to learn some fire-elemental powers that it will later have more mastery over. Flaresus may live with their parents until they are a year or two old, when they will then be adults and head off into the world to find a mate, establish their own territory, and start their own families.

Malevolent Flaresus are found in and around the region of Reonus, a mostly forested mountain land that is also home to several active volcanoes and many hot springs. This animal is well adapted to its environment and in spite of its name and appearance, seems no more evil than any other creature. But legends say that this species originated under the influence of a powerful dark force.