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Ghastly Kcatzen's Benevolent Flaresu

Pet ID 4650044 Active
Species Flaresu
Type Benevolent
Born 11 months ago
Sex Female Generation 1
Personality Clumsy
Level 3 Grows At Lvl 5
To Next Lvl 0 XP Total XP 346
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Flaresu Info
9 Visits
Encyclopedia entry: This young Flaresu is learning to hunt and forage for itself as well as beginning to learn some fire-elemental powers that it will later have more mastery over. Flaresus may live with their parents until they are a year or two old, when they will then be adults and head off into the world to find a mate, establish their own territory, and start their own families.

The Benevolent Flaresu is a denizen of the expansive Yannëofwëlë Wodro Wood region, but not just any part of it. It lives in the area surrounding the most sacred landmark of this forest, the Great Stone. This gigantic stone resembles a huge crystalline boulder and shines with a white light permeated by rainbow colours. It is said that this stone, imbued with great yet mostly hidden elemental energies, is what has given Yannëofwëlë its powers. Legends say that long ago the forest's guardians channelled this power to give rise to this species to help defend the lands from a horrible evil.