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Northern Light Oka

Pet ID 4650043 Active
Owner Jen
Species Oka
Type Northern Light
Born 11 months ago
Sex Female Generation 1
Personality Cooperative
Level 3 Grows At Lvl 4
To Next Lvl 0 XP Total XP 344
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Oka Info
7 Visits
Encyclopedia entry: This Oka kit is already growing swift and strong. Oka kits are born in litters of around 2 to 3, and live with their mother while she raises them and teaches them how to hunt.

Although it looks part rabbit, cat, and dog, studies show that this animal is probably most closely related to Buninas. Okas grow larger and have a more predatory lifestyle than their Bunina cousins. These animals can reach 90 miles an hour at a sprint, and as such as one of the fastest known creatures on four legs. The Oka almost always catches whatever it pursues.  The Oka's speed also allows it to easily escape pursuit by any larger, slower beasts.  If an Oka notices a large predator at a distance that it thinks might try to attack, it gives a call, rears up and faces the enemy, staring it down. The predator will then not pursue it, for it knows it has been seen and that there is no way it will catch it.

The Northern Light Oka is named after the patterns on its beautiful coat. This Oka tends to also be more nocturnal than most other Okas. It is most active at dawn and dusk.