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WHAMMY's Vampsun Snowferra

Pet ID 4645040 Active
Owner WHAMMYAdministrator
Species Snowferra
Type Vampsun
Born 7 months ago
Sex Male
Personality Clumsy
Generation 1
Level 1 Grows At Lvl 4
To Next Lvl 0 XP Total XP 561
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Snowferra Info
342 Visits
Encyclopedia entry: This thickly furred cub was found in the snow. It is called a Snowferra. There are many species of this mysterious panther, which lives in cold, snowy lands.

This Snowferra is a cross between a Vampire Snowferra and a Sunferra. Hybrids sometimes occur between two closely related species and the offspring are usually some kind of blend of the parents. This one is known as a Vampsun Snowferra.