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ID 4189011 Active Yes
Type Snowflake Cabbit
Sex Personality Forgiving
Born 4 days ago
Level 8  Total XP 190
To Next Lvl 21 XP Final Form
May Change HP 32 Attack 13 Defense 12 Speed 20 Special 11
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Cabbit Info
Quests (2)
114 Visits
Message from the owner: AVALANCHE PET - COMMON
Encyclopedia entry: This small creature is called a Cabbit for its cat and rabbit-like appearance, but it is in fact neither of these. Its relations and heritage are not yet known for sure but it is believed to be a close relative of the Takezerans. It is also referred to as the desert whammy cat. This animal can move about on all fours or on two legs, and it has excellent hearing. It makes its home in deserts, scrublands, and prairies/savannas and it is native to the world of Peterra.

Snowflake Cabbits live in small clans of 10 to 30 individuals. They frequently are found at the icy coasts or even sailing on ice floes in the far southern Peterran oceans, where they hunt cooperatively for fish and other sea creatures. To hunt, they use not only their claws and teeth but primitive nets or spears, making them more advanced than most other Cabbits. Their coats are so dense that they can survive a fall into the icy waters and climb back out without their skin barely getting wet at all. It is believed that this species is actually in the process of evolving further to adapt itself to its frigid environment.
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