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HuniB's Flower Snowferra

Pet ID 4189008 Active
Owner HuniB
Species Snowferra
Type Flower
Born 11 months ago
Sex Male
Personality Wrathful
Generation 1
Level 6 Final Form
To Next Lvl 0 XP Total XP 466
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Snowferra Info
Quests (1)
18 Visits
Encyclopedia entry: The Snowferra is extremely tough in cold weather. It stores fat in its long, thick tail to help it survive in its harsh environment. There are many different kinds of snowferra, and legend says these panthers have magical powers of the elements.

Flower snowferra are a species native to the tropical forests of North Peterra, which are found in the southern portion of that continent. These Snowferras' bright colours do not deter them from finding prey due to the equally colourful plant life that grows in this environment; in fact it helps due to the fact that the flower patterns on their pelts let them blend in.


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