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WHAMMY's Totem Pukmerana

Pet ID 4171496 Active
Owner WHAMMYAdministrator
Species Pukmerana
Type Totem
Born 11 months ago
Sex Female
Personality Simple
Generation 1
Level 25 Final Form
To Next Lvl 67 XP Total XP 1,613
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Pukmerana Info
771 Visits
Encyclopedia entry: The Pukmerana is found in many species throughout Xanje's worlds, but it is believed to have originated on Missoulou from ancestors further back who arrived from Peterra or Earth. The Pukmerana grows no larger than a rabbit, but unlike rabbits, it is strictly carnivorous. A Pukmerana's teeth continually grow and replace themselves throughout its life.

Pukmeranas live in hordes of dozens to thousands of individuals. They do not claim any specific territory, but instead, a Pukmerana horde will roam through various areas, visiting places they know have good prey, and sometimes following herds of other animals. They will target large to giant size prey, sometimes attacking an entire herd, and will attack as a horde, using their powerful legs to leap onto their target, their strong claws to cling to and climb on it, and their huge mouths and strong bites to collectively kill their victims.  Despite appearing quite vicious in their hunting methods, Pukmeranas get along well with each other and the members of a horde live in harmony, sharing their kills evenly.

In the mysterious region of Phargas, located on and near the northern coast of South Peterra, dwell many creatures with tribal style coat patterns.  It is said that all creatures who evolved in this region have been affected by unique radiation found in the soil and water here, which originated millions of years ago when an odd type of asteroid went to ground. These unique species include this Totem Pukmerana.