Avalanche Pet

ID 4150847 Active Yes
Owner TerrisAdministrator
Type Icicle Pufflion
Sex Personality Stoic
Born 2 months ago
Level 5  Total XP 144
To Next Lvl -48 XP Final Form
May Change HP 20 Attack 7 Defense 6 Speed 10 Special 8
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Pufflion Info
Quests (1)
3 Visits
Encyclopedia entry: The Pufflion is a small creature of which there are many species. Pufflions live in medium to large social groups, where they work together and feed on seeds, fruits, nuts and insects. These creatures' evolutionary lineage is not known, but they appear similar to tiny cats in many ways except with a large puffball growing from their foreheads. The puffball is almost entirely weightless. Pufflions use them to express their emotions to each other, and it is important socially. A curled-up puffball can mean fear or submission, a drooping one can mean sadness, a perked up one can mean happiness, and so on.

Icicle Pufflions are cleverly disguised by their fur to let them blend into their snowy natural habitat. These Pufflions huddle together on the edges of cliffs, rooftops or other such structures to stay warm in the winter whilst they forage for food by digging under the snow. They are native to Indulain, but colonies of them are also well established on Peterra and Missoulou in select cold regions.
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