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WHAMMY's Starmot

Pet ID 4140814 Active
Owner WHAMMYAdministrator
Species Starmot
Type Indulain Royal
Born 9 months ago
Sex Female
Personality Gluttonous
Generation 1
Level 24 Final Form
To Next Lvl 37 XP Total XP 1,518
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Starmot Info
740 Visits
Encyclopedia entry: The Starmot is a mischievous creature about the size of a rabbit. It lives in an underground burrow, and emerges at night to find food. It eats insects, small prey, fish, fruit, nuts, and sometimes food it steals right out of humans' kitchens. Some say that the starmot can turn invisible at will, making it almost impossible to detect.  This is in fact untrue; they are simply very good at avoiding accidentally being seen. Despite a tendency to get in trouble, Starmots make great pets as long as they are treated well and given enough things to occupy their time.

The Indulain Royal Starmot has been owned and bred by Indulainian royal families for thousands of years. This highly colourful Starmot was once not even permitted to be owned by anyone not of royal blood, but over the centuries, most of the kingdoms eased up on these laws. Nowadays, they are considered to be a status symbol, and the most colourful ones are also usually the most sought after.