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Pet ID 4043838 Active
Owner CutieLibrary
Species Fireferra
Type Bioluminescent
Born 9 months ago
Sex Male
Personality Organised
Generation 1
Level 5 Final Form
To Next Lvl 0 XP Total XP 383
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Fireferra Info
Quests (1)
79 Visits
Encyclopedia entry: The Fireferra looks like a curious blend of fox, cat, and even rabbit, but it is in its own family of creatures. Fireferra gain powers of heat and fire to varying degrees when they reach adulthood, and they are very smart. Even the least physically capable Fireferra is often on top of the heap due to regularly outwitting other animals in its environment. Fireferra often live in family groups with complex social customs. Some use their high intelligence to scheme against others, while some are kindly and cleverly figure out the best life situation for their loved ones. They usually dwell in hot climates, and survive by catching several small prey a day. Now and then, they may work together to hunt larger prey.

The Bioluminescent Fireferra's unique trait is just that--its pelt can produce a glow! This glow can be used to attract a mate, and send various signals and warnings to other Fireferras as well as other creatures. This ability comes not from any special trait in the animal's coat itself, but rather from a mysterious elemental power that it has. Very little is yet known about this ability.
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