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Sir Ferret The Terrible's Blazing Star Whammy

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Blazing Star Whammy
female | adventurous
Born 4 days ago
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Whammy Info
Encyclopedia entry: This baby Whammy needs a lot of love and care. She is highly intelligent and makes a sweet pet while young, but whammies can become difficult to deal with as they grow. They love to steal things and have a penchant for anything shiny, especially coins and jewellery. Their mysterious powers develop over time.

In the wild, a baby whammy is cared for closely by its mother and whole tribe for its first few years. A female whammy learns to help babysit other babies as she grows up. As the tribes are led by the females, she will also learn leadership skills.

The Blazing Star Whammy is found living in the mountainous regions of northwestern Peterra. The species is normally peace loving like most whammies are. Sometimes though it will face danger from predators who also dwell in the same region. This whammy's short, heavy build makes it hard for it to flee, so it has developed a way to defend itself using its weight. When it faces an attacker, it is known to use tackling, body slamming and punching for defence. with effort, it can also make a leap up into the air to stomp down onto an opponent.