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Pet #2790670 | Active
Owner: Lux Luna
Blazing Star Whammy
male | cautious
Born 4 days ago
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Whammy Info
Quests (2)
Encyclopedia entry: This whammy is an intelligent and mischievous creature. He is adept at nicking small shiny objects and finding them from places that seemingly no other creature would notice them. Though they make adorable pets as babies, as they grow they can become difficult to keep as pets.

In the wild, male whammies grow up to be defenders and providers for their tribe. The strength of a whammy tribe largely depends on the collective power of its males.

The Blazing Star Whammy is found living in the mountainous regions of northwestern Peterra. The species is normally peace loving like most whammies are. Sometimes though it will face danger from predators who also dwell in the same region. This whammy's short, heavy build makes it hard for it to flee, so it has developed a way to defend itself using its weight. When it faces an attacker, it is known to use tackling, body slamming and punching for defence. with effort, it can also make a leap up into the air to stomp down onto an opponent.
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