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Pet ID 2562179 Active
Owner Jal Jasmin
Species Starmot
Type Totem
Born 1 year ago
Sex Male
Personality Awkward
Generation 2
Level 15 Final Form
To Next Lvl 76 XP Total XP 572
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Starmot Info
Quests (1)
110 Visits
Encyclopedia entry: The Starmot is a mischievous creature about the size of a rabbit. It lives in an underground burrow, and emerges at night to find food. It eats insects, small prey, fish, fruit, nuts, and sometimes food it steals right out of humans' kitchens. Some say that the starmot can turn invisible at will, making it almost impossible to detect.  This is in fact untrue; they are simply very good at avoiding accidentally being seen. Despite a tendency to get in trouble, Starmots make great pets as long as they are treated well and given enough things to occupy their time.

In the mysterious region of Phargas, located on and near the northern coast of South Peterra, dwell many creatures with tribal style coat patterns.  It is said that all creatures who evolved in this region have been affected by unique radiation found in the soil and water here, which originated millions of years ago when an odd type of asteroid went to ground. These unique species include this Totem Starmot, which lives in burrows and hidden nests, and forages on the forest floor, sometimes climbing trees to get to food there. It will often pilfer food from other pets' food stores and kills.

Parents (Generation 2)

2532018 2532017


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