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Pet ID 1918542 Active
Species Colothian Chevera
Born 1 year ago
Sex Male
Personality Cheerful
Level 51 Final Form
To Next Lvl 164 XP Total XP 6,446
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Chevera Info
Quests (4)
2,647 Visits
Message from the owner: my first and only pet that i care
Encyclopedia entry: Cheveras are large, powerful griffin-like creatures that can reach large sizes. Females can become nearly as tall as a horse; males are slightly smaller. They mate for life, and raise anywhere from 1 to 3 offspring at a time. Both parents help provide for the growing young, and they soar long distances every day in search of prey.

It is said that Cheveras have a strong life energy, and have powers that are derived partly from another realm of existence. They have the ability to project illusions, as well as other powers that are still a mystery.

The Colothian chevera is a species found on the still largely unknown planet of Colothys, though it is not found planetwide. It builds large nests out of sticks, on the mega-Earth's rocky cliffs and slopes in places no other creature can reach, where it raises its young in safety. The biggest danger that the young of this species have is the risk of falling from their family nest to a fatal distance below. The parents build their nest to have steep walls to protect their babies from this. Once the chicks reach a certain age, they are finally able to climb the walls of their nest out into the open air, and begin learning to fly.


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