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Amethyst Rose

ID 1419697 Active Yes
Owner Tam
Type Rose Snowgrune
Sex Personality Shy
Born 1 year ago
Level 24  Total XP 1,492
To Next Lvl 63 XP Final Form
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Snowgrune Info
258 Visits
Message from the owner: It's not good to have favourites, but she's mine.
Encyclopedia entry: An adult pygmy snowgrune is a large, heavily built creature, averaging around 500 pounds. Slow but very powerful, it feeds on plants as well as various large prey, and seems to especially love to eat fish. There are some rivers that pygmy snowgrunes are known to gather around in groups to fish from at certain times of the year when the fish are the most plentiful.  These shaggy animals have huge appetites, and eat all they can to store up fat for winter. In some regions where food is scarce during the winter, the pygmy snowgrune will find or dig a den for itself and hibernate.

The pygmy snowgrune is normally solitary, but sometimes lives in small family groups, usually a mother with her babies. It is said that other creatures will avoid attacking a mother pygmy snowgrune who has babies with her, because she will defend them to the death. Male pygmy snowgrunes grow larger than females and compete to impress them. If two males meet up that are the same size and strength, they may have a wrestling match to determine who is stronger.

Despite their strength and ruggedness, pygmy snowgrunes have an easygoing nature and are relatively easy to keep as pets, provided they are given enough food, space, and freedom to perform natural behaviours. They must be taught not to play-wrestle with their owners. While this is cute when they are cubs, as they grow up, it becomes dangerous.

The rose snowgrune is considered a close relative of the common pygmy snowgrune, which is in the larger snowferra family like all Snowgrunes. The rose snowgrune is named for its rose-like spots, which come in many colours. Rose snowgrunes are found on the planet of Indulain and are one of the few snowgrune species that live there.