ID 1389799 Active Yes
Owner Alena Walton
Type Beirushian Nyari
Sex Personality Conservative
Born 1 year ago
Level 15  Total XP 607
To Next Lvl 41 XP Final Form
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Nyari Info
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Encyclopedia entry: This Fae Nyari can be told apart from other Nyari by its smaller size, lighter weight and faint glow that sometimes emanates from it. Even though it is an adult, it is no larger than a guinea pig, and even the largest of them never weigh more than two pounds.

Despite its small size, the Fae Nyari possesses great psychic powers. It can fly by levitation, and teleport anywhere at will as long as it is familiar with the place it is going. These tiny, catlike creatures can also create a gentle but bright light around their bodies, read minds and, in some cases, shapeshift. Nyari live quiet, secretive lives deep in dense forests. Their ways of life are known to almost nobody, but it has been discovered that they catch insects and small prey to live, and once they learn to levitate without effort, their feet almost never again touch the ground.

The Beirushian Nyari is a Nyari rumoured to have supernatural powers. It inhabits the Peterran region of Beirushu and thought to be able to visit dark realms unknown to most other creatures.