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Souvenir Pet

Pet ID 11903442 Active
Owner moth
Species Minmerra
Type Thylac
Born 1 week ago
Sex Male Generation 1
Personality Cooperative
Level 2 Grows At Lvl 3
To Next Lvl 11 XP Total XP 13
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Minmerra Info
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Encyclopedia entry: This mouselike creature is known as a Minmerra. This small rodent reaches adulthood quickly and can breed within only a few months. They never grow much larger than an Earthian mouse or vole, depending on the species. Minmerra are believed to be native to Peterra, but various species and subspecies of them are found on all of the known worlds of Xanje. Minmerra primarily eat seeds and occasionally insects, and frequently make their homes hidden away in small, dark places such as inside walls.

The Thylac Minmerra is native to a large island in the southern hemisphere of Peterra. This Minmerra was once hunted for its colourful pelt, and this in addition to its habitat being destroyed by humans led to its near extinction. It was believed extinct until later on, some were sighted living in the wild. This Minmerra has since bounced back and its population is recovering.