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Sephiroth's Snowferra

Pet ID 11353024 Active
Owner Sephiroth
Species Snowferra
Type Day Of The Dead
Born 2 months ago
Sex Male Generation 1
Personality Daring
Level 6 Final Form
To Next Lvl 0 XP Total XP 173

Species not yet battle enabled.
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Snowferra Info
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Encyclopedia entry: The Snowferra is extremely tough in cold weather. It stores fat in its long, thick tail to help it survive in its harsh environment. There are many different kinds of snowferra, and legend says these panthers have magical powers of the elements.

The Day of the Dead Snowferra is the common name for a small group of Snowferra species with colourful pelts and supernatural powers. These Snowferras are almost never seen during the daytime but their friendly, playful nature is known to anyone who owns one for a pet. They are believed to also act as spiritual guides for those who are lost in soul, helping them discover the right path to a fulfiling future. They most often do this to a caring person who adopts them.