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fruity_phoenix's Ice Nakse

Pet ID 10808360 Active
Species Nakse
Type Ice
Born 2 months ago
Sex Male Generation 1
Personality Indecisive
Level 5 Grows At Lvl 8
To Next Lvl 15 XP Total XP 81
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Nakse Info
7 Visits
Encyclopedia entry: The Nakse is a true snake, and various species are found throughout Xanje's worlds. This snake is not venomous, but instead kills its prey by quickly wrapping its powerful body around it, suffocating it and then swallowing it whole. All Nakses have a crystal-like end on their tail that sometimes glows and shines. It uses this as a signal to others of its kind, as well as a warning of danger to enemies. Depending on species, Nakses can grow to varying sizes, anywhere from 3 feet long to over 7 feet long, and inhabit various climates and terrain, from rain forests to mountains and deserts.

Ice Nakse are a Northern Peterran species with a unique ability to survive in sub zero temperatures. This snake's blood is believed to contain a unique protein that allows it to avoid freezing solid even when the environment is well below freezing.