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Ember Pheonix's Nightmare Snowgrune

Pet ID 10808358 Active
Species Snowgrune
Type Nightmare
Born 2 months ago
Sex Male Generation 1
Personality Forceful
Level 5 Grows At Lvl 9
To Next Lvl 10 XP Total XP 86

Species not yet battle enabled.
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Snowgrune Info
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Encyclopedia entry: This Snowgrune cub has grown a lot since birth. These heavily built animals make the remote, cold wastelands their home, rarely revealing themselves. It is said they use magic to keep their existence a secret. They will eat just about anything, but prefer large land animals, and large fish. Their front dewclaws are partly opposable, which helps them grab prey both from land and sea.

Snowgrunes are mostly solitary, except for a mother raising her cubs. Each Snowgrune defends its own home range. Male Snowgrunes have much larger territories that overlap those of several females. Female snowgrunes are tolerant of females from neighbouring territories wandering into theirs sometimes, and will even be friendly with their neighbours, but males will defend their lands a lot more vigorously from other males. They leave claw marks on trees all along the border of their lands to mark it as theirs and warn other males away. Most of the time, everyone hunts in their own land and peace is kept. When a male cub grows up and leaves its mother's home, he may wander many miles for a long time before he finds a territory that is available.

Nightmare Snowgrunes are a mysterious, nocturnal species that stalks its prey relentlessly. Its high stamina, unusual for a feline, allows it to continue pursuit for hours or even days when it is hunting down a target.