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Kiitaara's Cagnium Pufflion

Pet ID 10808357 Active
Owner Kiitaara
Species Pufflion
Type Cagnium
Born 2 months ago
Sex Male Generation 1
Personality Dreamer
Level 5 Grows At Lvl 7
To Next Lvl 15 XP Total XP 81
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Pufflion Info
7 Visits
Encyclopedia entry: This Pufflion is a small creature native to the meadows of the mid latitudes of northern Missoulou. Pufflions live in medium to large social groups, where they work together and feed on seeds, fruits, nuts and insects. These creatures' evolutionary lineage is not known, but they appear similar to tiny cats in many ways except with a large puffball growing from their foreheads. The puffball is almost entirely weightless. Pufflions use them to express their emotions to each other, and it is important socially. A curled-up puffball can mean fear or submission, a drooping one can mean sadness, a perked up one can mean happiness, and so on.

The Cagnium Pufflion is a rare species whose world of origin isn't known for sure, but is believed to be Missoulou. They keep to themselves in small, quiet groups, and  there is some evidence that they possess odd elemental abilities not normally seen in pufflions or other related species. The powers seem linked to an ability to create aberration in other elements. These pufflions are drawn to the presence of an enigmatic element known as Cagnium and may possess a small amount of it in their bodies.