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Souvenir Pet

Pet ID 10808356 Active
Owner Rougarou
Species Minmerra
Type Halloween
Born 1 week ago
Sex Male Generation 1
Personality Resourceful
Sale Price 1,000 coins (Buy)
Level 3 Final Form
To Next Lvl 4 XP Total XP 39
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Minmerra Info
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Encyclopedia entry: This mouselike creature is known as a Minmerra. This small rodent reaches adulthood quickly and can breed within only a few months. They never grow much larger than an Earthian mouse or vole, depending on the species. Minmerra are believed to be native to Peterra, but various species and subspecies of them are found on all of the known worlds of Xanje. Minmerra primarily eat seeds and occasionally insects, and frequently make their homes hidden away in small, dark places such as inside walls.

Halloween Minmerra are famously mischievous, yet sweet and outgoing pets. These Minmerra often only appear at night, as they sleep through most of the day. Their patterns make them popular pets to give around Halloween time. True to their name, these Minmerras are also known to possess the ability to freely see and communicate with the dead.