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WHAMMY's Eldvona Spriggett

Pet ID 10797713 Active
Owner WHAMMYAdministrator
Species Spriggett
Type Eldvona
Born 2 months ago
Sex Female Generation 1
Personality Lustful
Level 14 Final Form
To Next Lvl 0 XP Total XP 825

Species not yet battle enabled.
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Spriggett Info
250 Visits
Encyclopedia entry: The Eldvona spriggett is not really a species of spriggett at all. It is a hybrid, produced by the mating of a Ravona spriggett and an eldritch spriggett. These sometimes happen because of the close association these two species sometimes have, although they live in very separate regions and do not routinely see each other. Eldritch spriggetts will often travel by dragon to the floating island of Ravona in order to access places hidden beneath its surface. They do this to try to communicate with the deity they call Cag, with various titles. The Ravona spriggetts will allow them these visits only sometimes and under strict conditions due to the eldritch spriggetts having tried to overthrow them and take over the island in the past. The Eldvona hybrids will usually be raised by and live with the eldritch side of their family due to the nature of the tension between the two parent species.  However, when they are raised on the island of Ravona, they may become either outcasts, or be fully embraced by the Ravona species depending on how things go as they grow up.