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WHAMMY's Fizzle Wispen

Pet ID 10775071 Active
Owner WHAMMYAdministrator
Species Wispen
Type Fizzle
Born 2 months ago
Sex Female Generation 1
Personality Forceful
Level 14 Final Form
To Next Lvl 0 XP Total XP 900
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Wispen Info
323 Visits
Encyclopedia entry: This Wispen is a creature of extremely acute senses. Its specialised forehead whiskers, called wispers, can now detect changes in air pressure and vibrations from something happening up to a few miles away. Even in total darkness, it can hear well enough and detect the air flow accurately enough to make its way around almost as though it could see.

Wispens make wonderful pets, especially in homes where there is not too much noise and excitement. They are very reactive to their environments and react to overstimulation by retreating to somewhere dark and quiet. Because of their strong senses there are cases where they saved their owners by alerting them to dangerous chemicals in the air inside the home.

This Fizzle Wispen lives in the small but intensely magically charged region of Indulain known as the Purple Forest. Violet hues are common in this species and this helps it blend into the similarly coloured foliage that helped to give this region its name.