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Pet ID 10570383 Active
Species Bunina
Type Ice
Born 4 months ago
Sex Female Generation 1
Personality Defiant
Level 8 Final Form
To Next Lvl 17 XP Total XP 194
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Bunina Info
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Encyclopedia entry: The Bunina is an interesting creature. Though they are similar to rabbits in appearance, Buninas have a somewhat different anatomy from them. They grow to be larger than rabbits; some males grow to nearly the size of a dog. In addition to eating grass, seeds and roots, they will also eat insects and small prey. They live either alone or in small family groups in a network of burrows. When a dangerous predator approaches, they flee with surprising speed to either outrun their pursuer or just make it to the nearest burrow in time.

Male Buninas are very territorial, and two adult males will not get along if put together. In the wild, they sometimes fight to the death.  Female Buninas get along better with each other and a few of them sometimes help raise each other's young. Males usually leave their family group soon after maturing, and spend their adult lives patrolling a territory that covers the area of at least one family group.

The Ice Bunina is found in the south Peterran region of Youko. This small region is unusual for being quite cold much of the time despite being located in the tropical range on the planet. Some say that weird elemental presence caused this, others speculate that it was the work of some kind of powerful creature who affected the area with chilling magic. This Bunina has adapted to this region's peculiar climate and does well in it in spite of the harsh environment.