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Referral Information

What is a referral?

The referral programme provides an incentive to existing Xanje players to recruit new players to join. If you recommend Xanje to someone, send them the referral link found on your Settings page, or tell them to enter your playertag on the sign up page. When someone signs up this way, you will be marked as the "referer" of the new player. After the new player has played Xanje for a few days, you will receive a reward for recruiting them. This reward changes over time, and may be an item, pet, or coins. The rarity or value of rewards is not guaranteed. Your account must be two days old before you can receive credit for referral sign ups.

What doesn't count as a referral?

You may not create multiple accounts for yourself or others in order to gain referral rewards. Various factors are verified to ensure referrals are genuine. If you are found to be creating new accounts for yourself or someone else, and are marking yourself as the referer, you may be permanently banned. To retiterate - while we do allow players to have multiple accounts for sorting their pets or writing stories as different characters, you are NOT allowed to create these accounts via a referral link - whether it be yours or someone else's. Referral sign ups should only be carried out by actual new players who do not have existing accounts on the site.

I didn't get a reward?

First, be sure that someone signed up with your referral link more than 48 hours ago, and has used the site to some capacity besides just creating an account. If you don't receive any rewards as indicated by an in-game notification, you can send a Call for Help with the playertags of the accounts which you referred and believe should be receiving credit for. Sometimes rewards are not given automatically when the automated system guesses that the sign up may not be genuine. In these cases, we will need to manually approve the referral. Keep in mind the rules outlined above - if you are creating duplicate accounts to gain the rewards, you may be banned from Xanje.