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Help Guide - Questing

Once you have a few active pets (see the Growing Pets section) head over to the Quests page, found under Explorein the navigation bar. In the questing area you will find a variety of different quests. Some offer stones, some pets, and some are a mystery for you to discover upon completion!

There are two things a quest can ask you to do. One involves Clicks, the other Posts. Clicks are earned every time a unique person clicks on your pet(s). Each person can click your pet(s) once daily. You can earn Posts by posting on the forums, or by playing Games. 

You can only have one quest active at a time, so chose which one you want to do wisely.

Do you have a quest picked out yet? Go ahead and click on one if you don’t. 

Once you’ve selected a quest it will take you to the quests personal page. On that page is the “About this Quest” section. There it will tell you how many clicks or posts are needed to complete the quest (some quests need just posts, or just quests, or both! So be sure to read). If a quest has a time limit it will also be included in the “About this Quest” section. Sometimes you’ll even find that the “About this Quest” section will tell you what the quest reward is. Other times the rewards are a mystery, and aren’t discovered until you turn the quest in.

Once you’re sure you have the quest selected that you want, click on Begin this Quest. You’ll be sent to a confirmation page that shows you your active pet(s) (also called Pets being Carried). Go ahead and click Start Questto begin. 

Warning: Unless you have pressed the Start Quest button you are not currently in a quest and your posts/clicks are not being tracked towards quest completion. 

Once you have pressed Start Quest you will be taken to your active quest’s page. There you will find the “About this Quest” information still there for you to see. Along with extra information like when you started the quest, how much time is left for you to complete the quest, and a “Tasks” section. In the Tasks area you will see progress bars that will go up as you finish the quest objective(s). 

You can also track your progress with the Quest button in the bottom right corner of your screen. Refresh your page and you will see the bar go up.

If at any time you decided that you no longer wish to continue with the quest you can hit the Cancel Quest button. This will delete all progress towards the quest so make sure you’re completely sure. However, it will not revoke any growing your pets have done. Once you have clicked Cancel Quest you are prompted to make sure you wish do so, clicking Ok makes the decision final. 

When the Task area/Quest bars are full (refer to the numbers in them to be certain) you will have completed the quest objectives! You may also receive a notification in the bottom left corner of your screen if you complete a quest when you finish a game.

If you’ve indeed completed the quest the Cancel Quest button will have turned into a Collect Rewards button. Press it to complete the quest and recieve your reward(s)! 

Hint: If at any time you cannot find the quest you started you can find a link to it at the top of the Quest tab. You will see bolded words saying “You are currently on a quest” with the quest’s name following.