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Help Guide - Growing Pets

Pets on Xanje have several stages of growth, from baby to adulthood. In order to advance your pet's stage, you must earn certain amounts of points. Points are earned from days since birth, clicks, posts, doing various 'activities'.

To start growing your pet, you should carry it with you. Find the dropdown next to your pet and select Carry With Me. You can carry up to 20 pets with you at once, although most activities on the site will split points earned among your carried (also called active) pets. In other words, just carrying one pet with you will allow it to grow much faster than if you had 19 other pets carried too!

All pets automatically earn one point per day since birth, but most players prefer to gain points in a faster fashion using other methods:

  • Whenever someone visits your pet's page, it is counted as a click. Clicks are easily gained by posting links to your pets around the Xanje forums and on other websites. Only one click for a pet will count per person, per day.
  • Posts are an easy way for you to grow your pet without much effort. With your pets carried, write posts in the forums to increase their amount of posts. Each post is split among your carried pets, so this is much more beneficial with a few or just one pet. If you don't want to talk to other players, you can post anything in our Post to Grow board.
  • Activity points are earned by playing games and engaging in other activities around the site. It should be noted that posts and activity points count for half the value of days and clicks–this is because posts and activity points are simple to earn.
  • While you're growing your pets, you may want to try questing. Questing allows you to earn items and coins while doing other things around Xanje. You can learn more here.