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Help Guide - How to Breed

Once you have some fully grown pets you can start breeding. To start a breeding you will need to visit our resident matchmaker, Rinn. You can find Rinn the Matchmaker under the My Pets dropdown in the navigation bar. Once you’re there, you will see two boxes: one for the mother and one for the father of the pairing you are breeding. 

To start a breeding you need the ID numbers for the pets you wish to breed. You can find these on the pet’s page on the right-hand side where it says Pet #

Once both parents' IDs are filled in, Rinn the Matchmaker will give you information regarding the breeding. This information will include the cost of the breeding, the length of time the baby will 'gestate' for and the amount that the gestation time can be reduced. To complete the breeding, click the Breed These Pets button. A confirmation will pop up. Press “Okay” and your pets will be added to the “My Litters” page until the baby is born.

Breedings will cost 1 green stone for nearly all normal litters. Normal litters are where the pets are the same species and type. So the two Paisley Snowferra shown below would be a normal litter but a Paisley and Firefly Snowferra would not. The exceptions to this are Malix, which cost three green stones and Micro Palace Cats which cost one Pink Stone.


Hybrid litters Cost three pink stones to breed. Hybrids are litters where the parents are two different types of the same pet. A Paisley and Firefly Snowferra bred together will make a PaisleyFly.

 +  = 

Hybrids require different art than the parent species so there is a limited number of hybrids that can be made. More hybrids are added periodically so be sure to check the forums for new hybrids. Click here to view a full list of current hybrids.

Potions can shorten the amount of time a pet takes to have a baby. There are four types of potions: Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green. Red potions take one day off of gestation time, Yellows take off 10, Blues 50 and Greens 200. Red, Yellow and Blue potions can all be purchased from Phori's Potions for coins. Additionally they can be purchased from the Dimensional Cash Shop for real world money.