New Chance Imps and  Candy Sweet Spriggetts are in the Specials Shop. And brand new strays have appeared--as well as new wheel and jack o'lantern pets!

Help Guide - Adopting Pets

Getting Your First Pet

When you join Xanje you start out with 200 coins in your bank account. It doesn’t seem like much, but it should be enough to buy at least one or two pets from the shop. Some species might be beyond your price range right now, so poke about until you find something that you can afford.

To visit the pet shop, hover over or tap Shopping in the navigation bar at the top of the page, then click on Main Pet Shop which will bring you to a page with a bunch of different pet types. Click on a species that interests you and see what is available.

If there is nothing you like and you would like to see different pets of the same species, every five seconds you may click the Show Me Different Pets button at the top of the shop page. This will remove the current pets on that page, and load you new ones, but be careful, if you click that button the pets that were on that page originally will be lost forever.

Obtaining Other Pets

A lot of the pets on Xanje are not able to be purchased with money. Some of these are able to be purchased using special stones, others can be obtained through questing, and others may pop up as you browse the site as strays.

To buy pets from Id’s Special Shop, you need stones. There are currently five different stones you can use to buy pets, and each of these is used to buy different things.

Blue, Violet and Tan rocks can be obtained through questing (Blue and Violet need to be unlocked by doing other quests). Grey Swirl Stones can be purchased with real money OR quested for, while Red Swirl Stones may only be purchased with real money from the Dimensional Cash Shop (or traded from someone who has bought them).

You can also do quests to obtain certain pets, such as Cupcake Corgis and Dune Primerra. These quests require you to perform specific tasks, usually obtaining clicks or posts for your active pets for a reward. More information on this can be found in the Quests section of this guide.

As you browse the site stray pets may appear. When these pop up you have about 30 seconds to either adopt them or shoo them away. The pets in rotation change fairly regularly, so it is best to grab what is available while you can, once they are gone it may be a long time before they come back.

If players release unwanted pets to the wild, you also have a chance of finding those as strays.