New Chance Imps and  Candy Sweet Spriggetts are in the Specials Shop. And brand new strays have appeared--as well as new wheel and jack o'lantern pets!

About Our Company


Xanje LLC is a small web company that produces multiuser online experiences and games for web and mobile platforms. Our flagship product is “Xanje,” a virtual pet collecting game and discussion community for players of all ages 13 and up. Beginning as a hobby in 2013, Xanje has expanded to reach a monthly active user base of 10,000 unique users, with revenue coming from in-game micro-transactions. The Xanje LLC company was formed in 2016 around the site with the purpose of producing and maintaining the game.

In 2013, Xanje began as a roleplaying forum, where users were able to write stories together and create their own worlds, or expand on already existing worlds. Many users enjoyed roleplaying about the book series Warrior Cats, prompting Xanje to add in a small virtual pet game allowing users to adopt their very own warrior cats. With time, the virtual pet game expanded on Xanje with our own fantastical species and is today the main focus of the website. 

Xanje is unique from other virtual pet sites in that each of our over 1,000 pet types have thousands of different color combinations. It is extremely rare that two pets look identical. Xanje allows you to collect as many pets as you want, and grow them, breed them, and quest with them. Unlike other pet sites you do not have to worry about your pets starving and dying if you do not feed them. We encourage players to collect to their hearts content!

Business inquiries, please contact, stating the nature of your correspondence in the subject.